Top 5 Marathons in the World

The Berlin Marathon

The biggest marathon in the world is held in Berlin, Germany. Taking place in the last week of September, more than 40,000 participants from all over the world line up at the starting line and prepare to run over 26 miles through the streets to the finish. Although it is a marathon that both rookie and experienced runners enjoy, it is particularly popular with first-timers because it is held in the colder months of September. It is a course that is distinguished by flatter terrain devoid of hills or other physical difficulties.

Those who have completed the marathon previously love the closing stretch when the athletes cross the Brandenburg Gate immediately following the views of the Avenue Unter den Linden. The onlookers congregate there to express their support for the runners and to encourage them as they approach the finish line. The feeling of being in Berlin and being a part of something so fanciful is what marathoners take home with them, rather than the practical details of the race itself.

The marathon is more than simply the race day activities; it is a two day extravaganza that electrifies the city. Families and runners from all over the world may socialise, take in the views of Germany’s centre, and enjoy running with people from various countries.


The Boston Marathon

Most people frequently consider the Boston marathon to be the first and best of the five most important marathons. It has been held on Patriots’ Day for a purpose, and with 117 years under its belt, it is the longest-running marathon in history. The most eagerly awaited sporting occasion in the Boston area and beyond is “Marathon Monday.” You might want to place it on your list at the very end because it is also one of the most taxing. The route begins in Hopkington and travels through eight different towns until coming to an end in Copley Square, in the middle of Boston’s financial sector.

There are 4 hills along the route, which is different from the Berlin marathon. One of the main challenges to finishing the marathon is this “heartbreak hill.” Even at their most advanced stages, marathon runners frequently have to pause and walk the 88 vertical feet of the trail. The part of the route that presents the greatest difficulty is known as “the point where runners strike the wall.” Many runners in Boston are unsure about whether to wear a tank top or thermal underwear due to the unpredictable weather.

Boston’s weather can be somewhat erratic, and during the transitional season when it is held, you really never know what you will run into. Every year, it serves as a host to over 25,000 runners. The Boston Red Sox are extending the enjoyment of the marathon by playing a home game at the renowned Fenway Park, beginning at 10:05. When the Red Sox win, the fans who came to support them turn to watching the race from a position of attention.


The New York City Marathon

This is the very best of New York City. Each of the five boroughs of New York are represented in the New York City marathon. You are urged to show there well in advance of the race’s start in Staten Island. There is a “warm up period” because of the unseasonably cold weather November might bring. From Staten Island, the race travels to Brooklyn, then circles back to the Queens neighbourhood. If you’re not used to living in a big city, you’d better grab on to your hat. For the duration of the marathon, the city is constantly busy. This increases both the excitement and the tension on race day. It is really busy, with buses speeding and people everywhere.

The journey through the city’s numerous attractions is the nicest part of the marathon. The villages you pass through each have a distinctive cultural vibe to them. Going through a marathon path is like running through the history of those who came to America in search of freedom; it is more than just running along a trail.

At the Tavern on the Green in Central Park, the race finally picks back up. Whereas it used to only be held in Central Park, the route has varied throughout time. The marathon’s festivities don’t only end or start with the run. Over a hundred bands perform and support the runners and their supporters. An honorary stage has been built in Columbus to support the competitors on their final few steps.


The Chicago Marathon

The Chicago Marathon is a fantastic entry point for a new marathon runner. The marathon is run in Chicago’s downtown, on a track that is almost as level as the one in Berlin. It began out small, with only 4200 runners, and has since grown every year under the name Mayor Daley Marathon. This year, 48,000+ people are expected to participate, which is an increase. The Chicago Marathon is a cultural landmark for the city’s residents as well as runners.

The course circumnavigates the city and concludes at Grant Park, which is located right in the middle of Chicago’s historic area. The CEO Marathon Challenge component of the Chicago Marathon is what distinguishes it from the competition. Beginning in 2007, the Marathon instituted a competition between the nation’s top CEOs. This marathon became extremely competitive, which may not be apparent in other events of a similar sort. In Grant Park’s Butler, a large celebration is held for the contestants and their guests.

Up to 3 p.m., there is plenty of food, entertainment, and drinks available. Another distinctive feature of the Chicago Marathon is the free beer that is distributed at the 18, 19, and 20-mile markers to keep enthusiasts hydrated and warm up for the after-party. The celebration at the 27th mile might be just as exhilarating as the marathon itself. After that, the celebration proceeds to the city, where the night comes to life.


The London Marathon

A wonderful marathon for a beginner is the London Marathon. As you speed through the historic streets of London, there is a lot to see. The event starts at Greenwich and Blackheath before travelling through some of London’s most well-known streets. The runners pass by Cutty Sark, City Hall, Canary Wharf, Cleopatra’s Needle, the London Eye, and finish on the Mall, close to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. It is widely appreciated and attended by spectators all throughout London because it is such a large event.

The spectators are there to sing and play music to encourage the runners. There is a spectacle of artists, including musicians. The London Marathon is magnificent due of its many traditions. Many attendees will don costumes for the event. Among the serious runners are some who are there not just to race but also to amuse the crowds by donning superhero costumes like Spiderman.

There are three different starting points for this marathon due to the enormous number of runners. It is really great to see them all come together again, and they all meet at the Woolwich, which is close to the Royal Artillery Barracks. This is the Big 5 marathon that fosters the strongest bonds because customs like breaking into sound have been abandoned. Make a new route to complete any or all of the Big 5 if you’re ready to embark on a new project or running goal. These marathons are events unto themselves and are about so much more than just the race. It is a once in a lifetime experience because everyone is unique.


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