Celebrating its melting pot of cultures, Singapore has that spark, and it’s fast becoming one of Asia’s hit-list destinations.

Singapore has one of the most effective and extensive public transportation systems in the world, making getting around the city a matter of minutes. Want to check out the temples in Chinatown before lunch yet have a hankering for breakfast in Little India? No problem, the gleaming MRT system will get you there in no time. Additionally, why not make a little shopping stop at Marina Bay on the way there? In addition, this island keeps getting easier to explore as new metro lines open around every two years.

Singaporeans take their food very seriously. Food-obsessed Singaporeans will queue up for anything, from cheap hawker food to Michelin-starred fine dining, and will discuss vehemently whether it lives up to the hype on Instagram. You won’t have to worry about where to eat because there are hawker centres and coffee shops in every area that serve some of the island’s tastiest meals for only a few dollars. Simply follow your nose or get in line for the longest line; whatever treats are at the end are usually always delectable.

The once-dominant concrete jungles of Singapore’s skyline are gradually giving way to lush towers that resemble living ecosystems rather than commercial centres. The country is investing money into becoming more sustainable and, well, green, fervently pursuing its “City in a Garden” ambition. You can find plenty of walking paths, treetop jungle bridges, plenty of wildlife, and the city’s green crown gem, the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which are the city’s lungs, if you venture a little outside of the city.

Singaporeans enjoy ducking indoors for some retail therapy and a good dose of air conditioning when the oppressive outdoor heat gets too much. With all the high-street brands, a tonne of high-fashion stores, plus a few bargain stores thrown in, Orchard Rd is the queen of shopping centres. Here, everyone’s requirements (and more frequently, wants) are met. For independent designers, oddball art galleries, lively markets, Chinese remedies, Persian carpets, and a few saris, walk out to your neighbourhood if you prefer your shopping to be a little less mass-market.


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