Santiago, Chile

Santiago is a city of surprising cultural currents, global energy, polished sophistication, wild parties, large museums, and top-notch restaurants. It makes sense that 40% of Chileans live in the green capital.

It’s a great location to stroll, and each neighbourhood has a distinct vibe. Take a day trip to explore the museums, impressive architecture, and pedestrian malls of the Centro, followed by a picnic in one of the city’s many beautiful hillside parks. As you travel east to affluent areas like Providencia and Las Condes, you’ll discover warm restaurants and top-notch hotels. Nightlife erupts in the sidewalk eateries, cafes, and beer halls of Barrios Brasil, Lastarria, and Bellavista.

Santiago is an antiquated city on the verge of a contemporary renaissance, with a burgeoning economy, revitalised arts scene, and plenty of weirdness to spare.


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