Panama can be as relaxing or as exciting as you choose, with its crystal-clear waters and cloud forests in Chiriqu.

Panama is in a prime position to offer the ultimate beach life thanks to its abundance of isolated islands, calm Caribbean moods on one side of the country and monstrous Pacific seas on the other side. A completely different universe also starts at the water’s edge. Take advantage of it by going whale shark diving in the Pacific, snorkelling the rainbow reefs in Bocas del Toro, or setting sail in the native area of Guna Yala, where virgin isles are devoid of human habitation. In the meanwhile, surfers will be thrilled to have exclusive access to world-class wave breaks.

Panama City is rough-edged yet refined, with a diversified and active culture. There are also other new and improved features. The ancient Casco neighbourhood has been immaculately restored, the first metro in Central America is in operation, and a significant canal expansion has been finished. Observe the unique details of the city. You’ll see that this tropical capital is more than just salsa when you pedal along the coast, explore the Casco, or watch an avant-garde performance. Salsa is merely the backbeat.

Discovering nature in Panama is a must. On the Caribbean coast, explore the Spanish fort remains, or paddle a dugout canoe far into native lands. Wildlife is merely incidental, whether it be a stunning quetzal on the mountain walk, a rabid troop of howling monkeys outside your cabin, or a breaching whale that turns your boat voyage into an exciting experience.

Adventure tourism involves trekking to breathtaking cloud forest vistas, swimming with sea turtles, and zipping through rainforest canopy. A somewhat sizable playground can be created by a single tiny tropical country with two lengthy coasts.

The Darién is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, but you don’t have to travel all the way there to get off the main track. Enjoy the mist of the massive waterfalls near highland Santa Fe. Use community tourism to visit one of Panama’s seven indigenous groups. In Pennsula de Azuero, you can laze on a wild beach while living out your castaway fantasies, or you can explore the Guna Yala, returning the howl to the animals that share the canopy. Panama can be as wild as you want.


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