Moraine Lake, Banff National Park

One of the most recognisable sites in Banff National Park is the magnificent, deep teal waters of Moraine Lake. A small, winding road leads to the lake’s rocky, lonely location in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, which only serves to increase its attractiveness. In fact, a lot of visitors prefer Moraine Lake over the more well-known Lake Louise; so many, in fact, that you need to be lucky or up early to find a parking space here; during peak season, the lot frequently fills up by 5:30am.

The Moraine Lake Rockpile, a gigantic pile of stones at the eastern end of the lake, is thought by some geologists to have been generated by an ancient avalanche, while others believe it was sculpted by the glacier that carved the lake’s eastern shore.

Several viewpoints at the top of the rockpile are accessible via a paved route and provide a sweeping view of the lake and the Wenkchemna Peaks beyond.

Around the northern edge of the lake, a partially paved trail branches off and connects with the trail that leads to Larch Valley and Eiffel Lake. From the rockpile, a different trail heads southeast to Consolation Lakes.

Alternatively, you can rent a canoe from the boathouse next to Moraine Lake Lodge and travel around the lake like the early voyageurs did.


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