London, United Kingdom

London, one of the most visited cities in the world, offers something for everyone, from excellent dining and entertainment to history and culture.

London is a city steeped in history, with countless examples of fascinating antiquity. The city’s structures are stunning turning points in a singular and captivating narrative, and many of them, including the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben, are recognisable monuments. The Shard, the Tate Modern extension, and the Sky Garden are just a few examples of the city’s abundance of invention, but they never overpower London’s seasoned, centuries-old story. Architectural splendour rises up all around you in the West End, the City is littered with old ruins, and the historic neighbourhoods, lush suburbs, and river banks are all punctuated with quaint taverns. Just pick one.

London is a city of ideas and the imagination and a never-ending innovator of art and culture. Londoners have always been fiercely independent critics and thinkers, but until recently, they were wary of anything they perceived to be avant-garde. Now that that has passed, the creative environment of the city is characterised by a left-field attitude, whether it be in the form of avant-garde theatre, modern art, avant-garde music, writing, poetry, architecture, or design. Another artistic field that has grown endlessly consuming in some circles is food.

One in three Londoners are foreign-born, representing 270 different nationalities and 300 different languages, making this city extremely multicultural. Although the majority of Londoners abstained, the UK may have chosen to leave the EU, but for the time being, London is still one of the world’s most multicultural cities, with variety permeating daily life, food, music, and fashion. The British Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum have collections that are as diverse as they are wonderful, and the flavours at the historically significant Borough Market span the entire world gourmet spectrum.

As much as it is about high-density, sight-filled urban exploration, London is also about wide-open vistas and green countryside getaways. The main museums, galleries, and most famous landmarks are located in central London, but if you want to escape the crowds and play in expansive green spaces, head to Hampstead Heath or the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. For stunning views of riverside London and a pint at a peaceful waterside bar, travel further out to Kew Gardens, Richmond, or Hampton Court Palace.


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