Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam’s capital is working to make up for time lost to the effects of war and a previous administration that kept the outside world at bay up to the 1990s. Layers of history encircling the city depict eras of French and Chinese occupation, providing a glimpse into the tenacity of the ambitious, proud Hanoians. Its streets are bustling with scooters competing for right of way under the noise of continuously honking horns.

You can find the historic streets of the Old Quarter by negotiating a route past the omnipresent knockoff shops. Farmers advertise their goods, while city dwellers eat noodles for breakfast, practise tai chi in the early morning, or play chess with goateed grandfathers.  

Discover a developing arts scene while sampling the wild and amazing cuisine available at every turn, and then sleep soundly in luxury for a very reasonable price. Get to know the locals, learn about their history, and see Hanoi waking up as a city on the move.


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