Gold Coast, Australia

This stretch of shore is possibly Australia’s most recognisable vacation spot because it was built for pleasure and continues to be a place dedicated to sun, surf, and the physically attractive. Its glittering skyscrapers can often give the impression of a make-believe metropolis when viewed from a distance, and its reputation for tackyness is occasionally well-deserved. The region’s youthful vitality, however, and breathtaking natural beauty, which includes 52 kilometres of pristine beach, numerous amazing surf breaks, breathtaking sunsets, heavenly water temperatures, and 300 sunny days annually, greatly outweigh this.

Surfers Paradise’s shops and megaclubs keep the party-hard kids entertained while the other neighbourhoods offer unique attractions of their own, from flourishing culinary scenes and coastal chic to retro beach holiday nostalgia and laid-back local flavour.  Just to the west of the city the beautiful, foggy subtropical rainforest of the hinterland should not be disregarded since it is a fantastic area to connect with the spirit of the Yugambeh people, the original inhabitants of this region.

Things to do and see around Gold Coast

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary


Springbrook National Park


Lamington National Park


Gold Coast Tours & Activities


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