Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a mesmerising synthesis of profound traditions and an aspirational vision for the future, all encased in stunningly evocative desert splendour.

It’s difficult not to admire Dubai for its unflagging vigour, ambition, and capacity to imagine and carry out projects that, in other places, would never leave the drawing board. This society has given rise to audaciously tall structures and palm-shaped islands because it craves superlatives. Sci-fi ideas like a fleet of robocops, a Hyperloop train that travels at breakneck speed, and flying taxis are all expressions of a mindset that unapologetically embraces the future. It is obvious that Dubai is a city that is fully in charge of authoring its own narrative given the abundance of ambitious projects now in the works for World Expo 2020.

Dubai is a premier shopping destination and holds two sizable yearly shopping events. In this country, shopping is a leisure activity, and malls are much more than just a simple assemblage of shops. Some have eerie attractions, like an indoor ski slope, a massive aquarium, or an outdoor botanical garden, and they have the appearance of an Italian palazzo or a Persian palace. Traditional souqs are also bustling hubs of activity filled with age-old bartering. In the meantime, a fresh wave of outdoor malls with an urban aesthetic has further broadened the options for shopping.

After nightfall, Dubai occasionally gives the impression of being a city full of lotus eaters who are constantly seeking out fun. Its multifaceted party spectrum offers something for almost every taste, spending level, and age range. Dubai offers hot-stepping odysseys with glittering dance temples, chic rooftop terraces, sizzling beach clubs, posh drink caverns, shisha lounges, and concerts under the skies. The upscale hotels are where much of the nightlife is concentrated, but there are plenty of other, more family-friendly activities as well, such as community theatre, live music venues, and the renowned Dubai Opera.

Dubai, the first city in the Middle East to be included on the Unesco list of creative cities of design, is a dynamic microcosm where cultures from all over the world coexist together. The fashion, music, performance, and culinary scenes are all examples of how this diversity is expressed. Despite being deeply founded in Islamic culture, this is a free society where it is simple for foreigners and tourists to connect with a wide range of experiences, whether it be dining like a Bedouin, dancing on the sand, buying local art, or riding a camel in the desert. Dubai offers a favourable atmosphere for removing prejudices and cultural barriers.


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