Chicago, United States

The Windy City will astound you with its understated sophisticated awesomeness, its steely skyscrapers, top chefs, and spectacular festivals.

At first, it’s challenging to decide what to view in awe. The Willis Tower, with its lofty glass floor, the swooping silver Pritzker Pavilion, and the stained-glass Robie House by Frank Lloyd Wright are just a few examples of the world’s high-flying architecture. The streets are lined with whimsical public art; you might be strolling along and, bam, there’s a Picasso abstract monument that you can climb on as well as just admire from a distance. Choose from one of the following museums to view art: the enormous Art Institute, the medium-sized Museum of Mexican Art, or the small Intuit gallery. All three exhibit impressionist masterpieces.

You’ve got a lot of eating to do, so take your belt off. Breakfast at Stephanie Izard’s Little Goat has waffles with peanut butter and banana on top, lunch at Dove’s Luncheonette includes pork shoulder posole and garlicky yucca enchiladas, and supper at Iliana Regan’s Elizabeth is fine dining with foraged delicacies. Additionally, you may tuck into a delicious selection of international cuisines, including Polish pierogi, Macanese fat rice, Mexican carnitas, Vietnamese pho, and more. Still hungry? Order a late-night deep-dish pizza or look for an Italian beef sandwich at a nearby fast food restaurant.

Chicago is a sports town with an obsession, with a professional team for each season (two teams in the case of baseball). Watching a game is a Chicago tradition, whether you paint your body blue and orange for a Bears football game, join the rowdy baseball fans in the bleachers at Wrigley Field, or settle into a bar stool at the local pub to watch whatever game is on television. You may anticipate meeting tonnes of fun new people. If the excitement catches on and motivates you to get moving, the city’s 26 beaches and 580 parks provide a wide range of play alternatives.

Chicago is a festival powerhouse. It hosts about 200 events between March and September. Music is the expertise. For free, 500,000 people attend Blues Fest in Millennium Park to listen to guitar notes slide and bass lines roll.  Rock musicians thrash while the crowd dances in an arm-flailing frenzy during the four-day Lollapalooza megaparty. Every weekend, smaller, barbecue-scented street festivals are held in the neighbourhoods; nevertheless, some of them compete with downtown for the star power on their stages.


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