Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires combines faded colonial architecture with Latin fervour. This lovely city gets under your skin with its sexiness and vibrancy.

Although BA’s culinary scene is becoming more vibrant, many visitors prefer the city’s meat-centric delights. In the country that has mastered grilling deliciously tasty sides of beef, washed down with a generous glass of malbec or bonarda, it’s not difficult to satisfy a need for juicy steaks. There are parrillas (steakhouses) on almost every corner that serve a variety of cuts, such as bife de chorizo (sirloin), vacio (flank steak), and ojo de bife (rib eye). However, if you can, save room for ice cream because nothing beats a late-night cone of dulce de leche (caramel) helado.

Take a good look; this city is lovely. From some perspectives, it may appear to be a concrete jungle, but if you meander around the streets and take in the architecture, you’ll soon come to appreciate it. However, even in low-key, neighbourhood barrios, you may find remarkable architectural elements in the structures. French- and Italian-style palaces steal the show. These days, colourful murals painted by artists active in the city’s thriving street-art scene further enhance the charm of these historic areas. These creative people use the city as their canvas.

This city doesn’t sleep, so take a disco nap, drink some coffee, and get ready to stay up all night. Restaurants open at 9 p.m., bars open at midnight, and clubs open at 2 a.m. or later; serious clubbers don’t arrive until 4 a.m. And not just young people go out on the town in this metropolis; there are a variety of bars, clubs, and live music venues that cater to all tastes, from DJs spinning electronic music to live jazz performances. Just keep in mind that you’ll be doing all this quite late.

A hot swagger that has been compared to “making love in the vertical position,” BA’s famed dance, the tango, is arguably the city’s greatest contribution to the outside world.  Present-day glamorised tango performances are incredibly engaging thanks to their impressive athleticism. Additionally, there are countless locations to hone your dance steps, including dance studios and milongas. Be mindful that some people develop an addiction to this sensual dance and can spend their entire lifetime honing it.


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