Best Backpacking Countries in the World


Thailand is a classic backpacking destination because of its diverse culture, low cost, and wealth of attractions. This nation’s well-traveled trekking trail makes it a simple and accessible destination for first-timers and seasoned travellers alike, offering magnificent beaches, deep rainforest, traditional culture, and hip enclaves in Bangkok.


Peru is one of the select few places that can legitimately be described as having it all. Every tourist should include a hike to Machu Picchu on their bucket list, but other must-do activities include cruising down the Amazon in a dugout canoe and taking in the vibrant Andean culture.

When you need to unwind, visit the backpacker hotspots along the Pacific coast for some surf, sun, and laid-back beach parties.


A frantic and hopeful energy permeates Vietnam right now. Travelers have countless possibilities to study the nation’s complicated past in eclectic cities and look for delectable meals tucked away down historic backstreets.

Rent a motorcycle and travel the length of the Ho Chi Minh Highway on a grand adventure, or take a boat tour of Ha Long Bay. You’ll understand why this is a backpacker’s dream after you factor in mountain tribes, unusual beaches, and stunning countryside.


Spain is the only European nation listed, which is not surprising given that it is more inexpensive, exotic, and possibly wilder than any other country in western Europe.

This country is so big and so incredibly diversified that it is in a class by itself. Spain is so much more than just a destination for beach vacations, with Moorish cities in the south, Modernista masterpieces in Barcelona, trendy neighbourhoods in Madrid, and little mountain villages trapped in time.

Sri Lanka

Even though Sri Lanka is frequently overshadowed by adjacent India, those who have visited know that the island is a natural wonder and a backpacker’s paradise. From jungle-covered highlands to white-sand beaches can be reached rather easily via a sluggish but beautiful rail system, and the diverse selection of local cuisine will make practically any traveller happy.


Cambodia accommodates tourists of every kind and inclination by mixing equal portions of the backpacker party trail with eventually disappearing Southeast Asian traditions.

While Cambodia’s beaches and palm-fringed islands are beautiful and frequently uninhabited, the country’s languid cities and towns offer the ideal setting for learning about its complex past.

Its culture is rich, its more isolated parts beckon for the brave to explore them, and its old temples are unparalleled in their crumbling magnificence.


Unquestionably, Laos’ greatest asset is its people.  A visit here immerses you in a world where exploration and cultural encounters are around every corner.

Laos is certain to win your heart, whether you’re floating along the tranquil Mekong river as it meanders through lush farmland or sipping freshly brewed coffee in a charming local market.


India is a location that divides opinion: some visitors will leave absolutely enamoured with the nation, while others will feel overwhelmed. However, the affection for India demonstrates that despite its countless contradictions and complexities, this sub-continental country continues to be completely alluring.

Explore the hot desert plains of Rajasthan with its majestic forts and palaces, or go to Goa and Kerala for laid-back towns and all-night beach parties.


Australia is great for travellers. The Great Barrier Reef, the world’s oldest living organism (the Stomatalites), and Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, are all found in Australia, a country with a distinctive culture and boundless lengths of surf beach.  Discover the Whitsunday Islands, the sunshine and gold coasts, sleepy surf towns and the big city night life of Sydney.  Australia is a backpackers dream.


Indonesia is one of the finest places to backpack. a place where a lunch in a neighbourhood restaurant costs less than $1 and a chilled beverage in a bar costs less than $2.

Bali is simply one of Indonesia’s 17,500 islands; Indonesia is NOT Bali. However, the vast majority will embark on a Bali backpacking trip. It makes sense because it is Indonesia’s most visited location.

Bali is one of the top travel locations for first-timers, but it is also becoming far too crowded, and costs are rapidly increasing. Many locations in Java and Sumatra won’t even require you to spend more than $5 per day on food and beverages. You can find the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, accommodations for less than $20, and fruits at marketplaces that are extraordinarily cheap. 

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