Auckland, New Zealand

According to its Mori name, Tmaki Makaurau, Auckland is the city of many loves.  The name originated due to the fact that Auckland’s location was so coveted that it was fought over for ages. 

You probably can’t find a city that is more geographically fortunate. Its two harbours surround a slender isthmus that is dotted with volcanic cones and covered in productive farmland. You’ll be amazed to see how near the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean are to kissing and producing a new island from any of its many viewing spots.

The water is never far away, whether it’s the stunningly wild west coast surf beaches or the glittering Hauraki Gulf with its countless islands. In addition, there are extensive areas of rainforest, hot springs, wineries, and wildlife reserves within an hour’s drive of the city’s high-rise core. It makes sense that Auckland consistently ranks among the best cities in the world for quality of life and livability.


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