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Tips for Reducing Costs When Booking Hotel Rooms!

Book early and re-check your rates

It is good practice to make reservations as early as possible.  Hotel prices tend to fluctuate from week to week and even day to day.  With the option to fully cancel your reservation up to a couple days before your stay, booking early will allow you to monitor hotel rates and cancel your reservation if need be to secure a lower rate.

Multiple reservations

Breaking up your stay with multiple reservations may sound like it would produce the same price as a single booking but this may not actually be the case.  If you do a search, you may find for example, a 3 night stay booked separately for 3 separate nights is actually cheaper than booking all 3 nights at the same time. There is a few things you should be aware of.  You will want to get into contact with the hotel to link your reservations so you can stay in the same room for the duration of the stay.  

Another option is to book in two or three completely separate hotels.  An event happening at the hotel your staying at could significantly increase the price for part of your stay.  Also, by booking separate hotels, you may have an opportunity to check out a new area or part of the city that you would also like to explore.

Prepay your booking

Most common with larger hotel chains, pre-booking your stay can lead to incentives of up to $100 off your stay or even more.  There is always a risk associated with prepaying.  Usually these are non refundable so you will need to be certain of your plans.  One mitigation measure to reduce this risk is to book with a credit card that offers trip protection in case there is an emergency and you need to cancel.  Travel insurance can also help to recoup costs if need be.  

Use hotel points

One of the best ways to save on hotels is to not pay for them at all!  By using hotel points instead of cash, a new world of opportunities may await.  You can even use these points to offset the cost of a luxury accommodation you would have not been able to afford otherwise.  

The great thing about points is that you don’t need to stay in hotels to collect them.  There are many different options out there where you can gain hotel points through dining, shopping, retailers, etc who offer points rewards.  

Hilton Hotels

Loyalty programs

Whether you enjoy travelling with smaller hotel chains or major chains like the Hilton and/or Marriott, special rates are always given to their members.  It’s always worth looking into no matter where you stay! 

Hotel credit cards

This is definitely one of the most lucrative and fastest ways to earn free hotel stays.  A couple of examples are the Mariott Bonvoy Brilliant as well as the Hilton Honors Surpass.  These cards will come with sign up bonuses but be advised that there are usually spending threshold requirements as well.  Many of these cards will offer an annual free night stay with a value that is most often more than the initial card sign up fees.  

Keep an eye on promotions

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to sign up and be on a hotel’s subscriber list.  If you don’t like to be bombarded with these types of emails, you can also set up a separate email account specifically for promotional emails.  Just remember to check it every once in a while so you don’t miss out on any of these special offers!